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News 2013

We did not receive a grant this year from the DNR to treat EWM. We will be checking with the DNR as to the reason.

Mark Sundeen (WIDNR) and Steve Schieffer (aquatic plant specialist) think we should wait and see about treating the EWM. The drawdown may be a good thing. It may expose existing beds for a more successful hand pulling operation. We will also be talking to the DNR about the possibility of property owners cleaning debris from the shoreline during the drawdown.

Election of Officers

Board positions up for election this year are President and Vice President. At this time Dick is not running for another term as President and Rosemary is resigning the Secretaries position. This will open up that position also. We need some new people to step up and hold those positions.

We would all like to say thank you to both Dick & Rosemary for all of the years of involvement and all of their work for the Association. 



2012 NEWS

Cranberry Lake was treated for EWM on June19,2012

The lucky winners of the raffle are:

Grand Prize, $361.00 won by Jack Stanley.
2nd place, $72.00 won by Don Norman.
3rd place, $48.00 won by John Kuether.

There will be a drawdown of the flowage in the spring of 2013.
The drawdown will allow work to be done on the dam.

The latest information about the dam can be found on the
Washburn County web site:
Also on the Minong Flowage site: http://www.minongflowage.org/News%20Letters/MFA_8-2012_web.pdf


Labor Day Sale

Hey Everyone,
We'd like to thank Pat & Chuck Chesney, Einere Marshall, Harold Grams, Ed & Ellen Codner, Marcia St. Hilaire for their participation in the Cranberry Lake/Flowage Association Labor Day sale.
It was a very small sale. There were only 4-5 vendors and very few shoppers.  Some of the vendors commented that maybe it was the economy and/or the cost of gasoline that kept people home the "last" week-end of summer.  The vendors ranged from the lake association's baked goods and "treasures" to fresh produce and crafts.
We made $133.00 in the 4 hours we were there. Every little bit counts!
I'd like to take this opportunity to THANK evryone for their participation in keeping the Cranberry Lake/Flowage Association going.  Without your dues and contributions of time and money we couldn't keep our beautiful body of water beautiful.

Thanks again,
Dick & Rosemary Emanuelson


Minong Flowage Dam
To All:  I'll try to make this as easy as possible.

As you may/may not know, the Minong Flowage Dam does not meet the new 1000 year flood standards.  Washburn County hired Ayers Associates, a reputable company to do a feasibility study on what it would take to bring the dam up to acceptable standards.  That study is completed.  I have not attached the report - it's vast.

Washburn County"s, Jon Johnson as Commissioner of Washburn County Highway Department is taking the lead to secure "grant" funding from the dnr and others to pay for the updates on the dam.  Their are 5 proposals, submitted by Ayers Associates.   The proposal details are not included within this email, however the proposed costs are:

1.  $1.47 million  - update
2.  $1.12 million  - update
3.  $795K            - update
4.  $1.03 million  - update
5.  $689K            - take dam down

Douglas Bush
Resident - Wascott, Minong Flowage
715-520-3714 c

Dale Dressel of Northern Aquatic Services treated Cranberry Lake on June 6th 2011 for Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM).

We have applied to the DNR for a permit to treat Cranberry Lake for Eurasian Water Milfoil. The treatment will take place in mid May, weather permitting. As in the past, a notice will be placed on the town bulletin boards before the treatment. Maps of the areas to be treated.

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